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Hasbro has pulled out all the stops to get a range of Optimus Prime toys in the stores for Christmas.

Optimus Prime Transformers Movie 2 RC Vehicle lets you take control of an Autobot hero. Drive Optimus Prime's vehicle using the remote control. Movable joysticks let you easily control this mighty warrior! This tough truck has speed and action activated sounds, glowing eyes and working headlights.

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Optimus Prime is an unstoppable force for justice, racing to destroy evil in all its forms! He smashes through any obstacle in his powerful truck mode! When he is in pursuit of the Decepticons, nothing can stand in his way. With this rad radio controlled Optimus Prime vehicle, the fate of the Autobot alliance is in your hands!

* Radio controlled Optimus Prime vehicle is ready to race into action
* With movable joysticks that put you in control of the Autobot leader
* Speed and action activated sounds
* Glowing eyes and working headlights

Note: This vehicle does not transform, and small parts make it unsuitable for children under 3 years.

Working Transformers walkie talkies let you create your own action adventures. This cool working set of Walkie talkies change any chat into a special mission. These Powerhead walkie talkies are perfect for setting up secret adventures and keeping in touch with friends and family in the home or on an adventure. Great for Transformer fans.

* Working Walkie talkies let kids create their own action adventures
* Flexible antenna loops into back of Walkie talkie to form easy carrying clip
* Powerhead Walkie Talkies are perfect for setting up secret adventures
* Keep in touch with friends and family members in the home or on an adventure
* Great for Transformer fans

Note: Small parts make these unsuitable for children under 3 years.

Transformers Animated Supreme Roll Out Command Optimus Prime transforms on his own! Roll the mighty leader of the Autobots across the floor in his truck mode, and Auto-Spin Conversion Technology turns him into his robot mode, without you having to lift a finger! Optimus Prime also has sounds and quotes from the hit Transformers animated cartoon. His mouth even moves when he talks! One of the great, must-have Optimus Prime toys.

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* Convert this Optimus Prime robot-to-vehicle figure from Autobot robot warrior to Earth truck vehicle mode and back again
* Simply roll the truck forward to activate electronic revving engine sounds and the auto-spin conversion technology
* Watch as the vehicle's cab spins and changes into the robot's upper body
* Place the ultra-axe in the robot's hand and trigger the automatic pop-out plasma blade
* Stage your own Decepticon showdown with punching and axe combat action
* Amaze onlookers with electronic speech, sirens, lights, and battle and conversion sounds

Suitable for ages 5+

October 25, 2016
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